Mole Verde Roasted Chicken

Mole is a term used for a number of sauces in Mexico. On its own, the word usually implies Mole Poblano, a dark red sauce made with poblano peppers. 564 MORE WORDS


NEPC: 21 Myths About Charter Schools

I blogged about this report from the National Education Policy Center when it first came out a week or so ago, but I like Valerie Strauss’s… 5,194 MORE WORDS

Charter Schools

how not to be a terrible manager (pt 2)

Let me tell you a story. There was a time, years ago, when I allowed stress to consume the whole of my life. I’d collapse, face first, into bed and wake the following morning to the same tedium, the same anxieties that had managed to bloom overnight. 1,765 MORE WORDS

Freelance Life

Ohio: Politically-Connected Virtual Charter School Spends $2.7 Million on Advertising

Stephen Dyer of Innovation Ohio reports that the virtual charter school Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow spent $2.7 million on advertising.

Dyer writes:

The Dispatch reported this weekend that the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow — the nation’s largest for-profit charter school run by huge political donor William Lager that received all Fs and one D on the latest report card — spent $2.7 million last year on advertising. 176 MORE WORDS

Charter Schools

The Network for Public Education Supports Opt Out!

The Network for Public Education supports opting out of Common Core tests.

“The Network for Public Education stands in full support of parents, students and educators who choose to teach and learn about the reality of high stakes tests, opt out of high stakes tests, speak out against high stakes tests and who refuse to give those tests to students. 528 MORE WORDS


The Tuesday Zone: ‘The Man in the High Castle’ Pilot Bodes Well for the (Alternate) Future

I don’t watch many TV shows—mainly because I despise having to wait weeks or months to receive one more incomplete piece of a full narrative, but also because few shows grab me enough to warrant a 20-plus hour investment. 1,073 MORE WORDS

The Tuesday Zone

Barack Obama Reclaims American Exceptionalism

In the first few months after Barack Obama was elected president, I was often reminded of the wonderful newness of it all. I’d brush my teeth, and all of a sudden my brain would go “Dude, the president is black.” Or I’d order coffee and remember, “His name is Barack HUSSEIN Obama” (the emphasis on Hussein more ecstatic than… 814 MORE WORDS

Current Events

Cynthia Wachtell: A Hilarious Math Lesson for Governor Cuomo

It is hard to laugh about Governor Cuomo’s nonsensical proposal to demoralize teachers and destabilize public schools. He wants to change teacher evaluation so that 50% of their rating is based on their students’ test scores (he doesn’t realize that most teachers don’t teach reading and math in elementary schools); he wants 35% of their evaluation to be based on the drive-by evaluation of an independent person who doesn’t work in the school; and he wants the judgment of the principal, who sees the teachers regularly, to count for only 15%. 303 MORE WORDS

Education Reform

I Could Never Be Creative

“I could never be creative!” 

A plaintive cry from those who see other people create marvellous things and all the while bemoan their own futile attempts.  402 MORE WORDS


Hot Peppers, Draw Me Away

A piece of art, with peppers and pyrex, designed to get a collection of bolt fabric. That was week 1’s assignment in the MATS-e-course. Last year was with tropical fruits and pyrex. 57 MORE WORDS


Connecticut: Keyboarding for Tots! By Law?

Remember the Néw York Times story about the tech executives in California who send their own children to a no-tech Waldorf school?

Look at this: … 95 MORE WORDS


Hello, Gov. Cuomo, Two More Charters Fail in Albany: LINK ADDED

Now will the charter lobby stop boasting that they have the answers to low test scores?

Two charter middle schools run by the Brighter Choice Foundation were closed by the state’s Charter Schools Institute. 508 MORE WORDS

Charter Schools

Arnold Dodge: Bring Back the Joy of Learning

Veteran educator Arnold Dodge is one of the leading voices for good education on Long Island,Néw York, where he has been a teacher, principal, superintendent, and now teacher educator. 442 MORE WORDS


Is It Fair to Test 3rd Graders With 8th Grade Material?

Kevin Glynn, elementary teacher in Long Island, Néw York, analyzed the questions for third grade on the Common Core test using readability and found, to his surprise, that the language was far above the level they could understand.273 MORE WORDS


The Winners of the 1st Annual Sundog Lit Contest Series

Contest judges Mary Miller (fiction), Elena Passarello (creative nonfiction), and Elisa Gabbert (poetry) have chosen winners in their respective genres from an impressive collection of finalists. 724 MORE WORDS

“Freelance Writing”

The thing about freelance writing is that
it never gets boring. One moment, you’re writing about
flooring options for the kitchen

and the next moment you’re writing about… 235 MORE WORDS


John Kuhn: The Big Error of “Accountability”

John Kuhn, Texas superintendent, is a brilliant orator and writer. In this article, he skewers the cheerleaders for high-stakes testing in Texas by showing how they cherry pick data to buttress their case for testing kids more and more instead of providing adequate resources for them to learn. 1,181 MORE WORDS


The Néw York Times on the Value of Unions

When Illinois Givernor Beuce Rauner first proposed a limit on unions’ ability to collect dues from non-members, the Néw York Times published this editorialexplaining why Rauner is wrong. 230 MORE WORDS


Gene V. Glass: Management by Pinheads

Gene V. Glass is one of our most distinguished education researchers. Fortunately for the rest of us, he blogs from time to time about the lunacy of our era of education “reform.” 135 MORE WORDS

Standardized Testing

Arkansas: Elites Move to Create a Statewide Charter District for Privatization

Max Brantley, columnist for the Arkansas Times, writes that legislation has been filed to create a statewide district for low-performing schools. The legislators apparently want to copy the failed Achievement School District in Tennessee (which has made minimal progress towards its goals of turning low-performing schools into high-performing schools within five years) and the failed Recovery School District in Louisiana (one of the lowest ranked districts in the state). 595 MORE WORDS

Charter Schools

March Madness Round 5: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ vs. ‘Fury’

That’s right, folks. We are jumping on that bandwagon like nobody’s business. That, and we also thought it’d be nice to give our scant but loyal readership a chance to take part in the publication. 176 MORE WORDS

Rooster Illusion

Jay Mathews: Don’t Trust Those Who Say That Low-Income Students Can’t Succeed in Rigorous Schools

BASIS schools are known for their high standards and their high attrition rate. There is a BASIS school in Washington, D.C., where students are taking very hard courses and “many”withdraw in January (and, according to Guy Brandenburg) “because they realize that they are on track to fail one or more courses for the semester and will therefore have to repeat the entire grade — something that would not happen at any other school that I know of.” The answer, Mathews suggests: more elite, highly selective schools. 160 MORE WORDS

Charter Schools

Let it go

Sydney June 2013 – 2014 (2 photos)

It was a June day in 2013 when I was out in the pedestrian mall, looking for people to photograph. 301 MORE WORDS


Day Dreaming

Walking along frozen fields of white
crystals cracking in the cold morning wind,
I dream of a warm sun and red tulips.

Occupying metaphor: the reappropriation of slurs

Marina Warner, in her book Managing Monsters: Six Myths of Our Time (essentially her 1994 Reith Lectures in book form), has a note on the practice of reclaiming slurs and insults, often called… 304 MORE WORDS


“Open Mic Poetry”

After the man with the checkered polo shirt
and thinning hair left the room
I instantly became the oldest man

in the house. I wondered what one earth I was doing here. 211 MORE WORDS


peanut butter brownies (grain-free)

If we are blinded by darkness, we are also blinded by light. When too much light falls on everything, a special terror results. –Anne Dillard ( 678 MORE WORDS


Florida: A Teacher Serenades His Superintendent, “What Will Be Your Legacy?”

At a school board meeting in Palm Beach County, teacher Andy Goldstein sang a song to his superintendent. The haunting refrain is, “What will be your legacy?38 MORE WORDS

Education Reform

Charter Investors’ Conference: Your Tax Dollars at Work:

Laura Chapman investigated the charter investors’ conference on March 10. And this is what she learned:

The US Department of Education will be at the charter school “investors” conference, representing you, dear taxpayer, in a scheme to subsidize the financing of charter school facilities that LISC is marketing, along with the Gates and Walton Foundations and a long list of profit seekers investors who get tax credits for doing deals, among other perks. 755 MORE WORDS

Charter Schools

EduShyster: What the NY Times Got Wrong About Rahm

EduShyster hosts a Chicago citizen who shows what the New York Times got wrong about Rahm.

The newspaper article mostly repeated the Mayor’s talking points instead of digging to find out if they were true. 190 MORE WORDS


not ready yet: 55/365

As the ball began to drop this past New Year’s Eve, for the first time, I thought, no, no, I’m not ready yet. It was a strange and uncomfortable feeling. 24 MORE WORDS

1 True Thing

What Are the Lessons of Jeb Bush’s Own Charter School?

The Néw York Times tells the sad story of the life and death of Jeb Bush’s charter school. Bush now recalls his involvement in the school to demonstrate his prowess as an education reformer. 467 MORE WORDS

Charter Schools

David Gamberg: In Defense of Childhood

David Gamberg, superintendent of the Southold and Greenport districts in Long Island, Néw York, here defends childhood and the value of play against the endless barrage of high-stakes testing coming from federal and state officials.263 MORE WORDS


Outrage: High-Stakes Testing in Kindergarten

High-stakes testing has reached down into kindergarten, where it is developmentally inappropriate. Kindergarten is supposed to be the children’s garden. It is supposed to be a time for learning to socialize with others, to work and play with others, to engage in imaginative activities, to plan with building blocks and games. 495 MORE WORDS

Education Industry


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